I made it!

Back at the beginning of the year, I didn’t make it an official goal, but when we booked our trip to Ireland for this fall, I made a mental goal to try to lose 20 pounds by then. That would put me comfortably into my clothes (some of which were too tight) since I had some creep happening.

Anyway, this morning I officially made that goal!  Yay!  I’m wearing my size 10s easily again, which makes me happy.  I really did it by just staying around 1500 calories a day with more on long ride days in the range of 2200 to 2500. One thing that helped was to keep my exercise on the non long ride days to an hour.  Doing more than that was counterproductve and trying to force weight loss with exercise just doesn’t work for me.  Anyway, I actually acheived a date goal, which I almost never set.

That cooler weather blew in this week with a vengeance!  Overnight the temps dropped 20+ degrees along with lower humidity. We had an overnight temperature of 47 degrees, too, which is crazy. I had to jacket up for morning riding.


It’s been nice not sweating profusely all the time, too. I was getting really tired of wiping my upper lip LOL.

It even called for warm evening drinks.


One of my favorite snacks when it is cooler.

Even though it feels like fall, it’s not and I don’t want to be seeing this in the stores.


Gah!  I took this picture when it was sweltering hot, too.  Go away.

We have a house project we are working on now.  Over the winter, we noticed a leak in one of our basement rooms that is directly below the garage. We kind of freaked out and had a couple structural engineers come in to make sure our garage was okay. They said the house was very solid, but there are a couple depressions in the garage floor where water pools under the car tires and seeped through some cracks to below.  The solution is to level the depressions and epoxy coat it. Phew!  Of course, in leveling the depressions, we removed some loose concrete skim coat and now have a bigger project.


That’s getting patched:


The sticks are there to prevent anyone walking across this. And by anyone, that would be me because I almost did!  Once all this is dry, we can do the epoxy floor coat to seal it up. That will make it look nicer, too.

Some plants are arriving as well!


These are some heuchera. There are 9 plant plugs in all here, surprisingly.  Most of these are going to go by our water feature since it is semi shady.

So there is no shortage of projects going on around here.

It’s back to the warm weather now. I sure enjoyed that coolness while it lasted!

What I’m Reading

Not much exciting over the weekend and I didn’t take too many pictures.  We got caught up with a lot of things, including doing some work on my parent’s bathroom.  I love home improvement stuff. It’s really satisfying, even when it isn’t my own house! 😀

Anyway, I realized I hadn’t updated my reading list in a while. In my goal to complete 30 books in 2016, I have finished 17, which is about 2 books behind schedule. It’s summer and I spend a lot of time outside, so less time reading.  I imagine when we fly to Ireland, I will churn out 2 or 3 books on the plane flights!


The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

This is a book that tells the story of young women who were kept captive in an indoor garden. The Gardener (as he was called) tattooed each young woman with butterfly wings on her back and each one was killed on her 21st birthday to preserve her young beauty.  The story begins with the escape of the girls and the narrative is told through the eyes of Maya. What seems cut and dried on the surface is actually a story with a lot of twist and turns.

Overall this was a decent book. I struggled a tiny bit with the premise because with a dozen girls in the garden, you think they could just overpower the Gardener and that would be that. A little hard to swallow that plot point. Other than that, the story had some interesting twists in it at the end, which seemed just a little rushed.


Winter Men by Jesper Bugge Kold

I got this as a Kindle First book, part of being a Prime member. This book is a translation and I think it was done really well. Sometimes translated books come across as a little stilted or forced, but this one was well done.  The story follows the path of two brothers and how they ended up unwillingly becoming part of Hitler’s SS.  It was a very different perspective for me to have the story told from the German point of view. The war touched everyone and they all handled it in a different way. The brothers step by step gradually became part of the machine and their reasoning and justification was an intriguing read. It’s really difficult to feel any sympathy for either brother, but it’s never really black and white anyway.

The book really is graphic about the front lines of WWII and you really feel the harsh reality of what a country goes through being invaded and how soldiers are treated.  Not the easiest read, but quite good.


The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman

This was the first I have read by Alice Hoffman. I might look up some of her other books. I think there was some wish to compare it to Night Circus, but it’s really a different book all together, and much better.

The story takes place in New York City at the turn of the 20th century, so of course you know I liked that. Much of it is set in Coney Island. Coralie is a girl born with webbed fingers. Her father runs a museum of side shows acts, I guess you would say, and Coralie was used as a mermaid, complete with tank and costume to complete the deal. Her father was a brutal man with all of his employees and basically kept Coralie prisoner until she started to sneak out at night.  As the story progressed, her father became more and more desperate as a new show called Dreamland (an actual real life attraction) was to open and would cause the end of his museum.

Eddie is the other character. He is a Jewish man who left the faith and began a life not quite of crime, but definitely dealing in the unsavory part of New York. Eddies finds people and things and he is asked to find a missing young woman. This is where his and Coralie’s stories intertwine in a murder mystery.

I really liked the atmosphere of this book. It definitely takes you back in time. The only thing I didn’t care for was the narrative switching through multiple perspectives by the same characters, which was a little jarring.  There also was a *lot* going on in this book. Lots of sub stories and plots that mostly intertwined, but some were left hanging. A quick and interesting read, though.


At The Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen

I was pretty excited to read this book. Sara Gruen wrote Water For Elephants, which I loved.  This story is set in the 1940s. To avoid scandal in Philadelphia, Maddie, her husband and a friend left the country to hide out in Scotland, despite a war being on.  Maddie’s husband and his friend decided to look for the Loch Ness Monster (or fake the monster) as a way to redeem themselves and be able to go back to Philadelphia.

Maddie is left alone much of the time and really begins to understand her privilege and learns empathy for others, particularly during war time. It’s the story of her personal development from a shallow socialite into a deeper, better person. She also realizes how horrible and manipulative her husband really is.  Left alone at the inn they are staying at, Maddie falls in love with the innkeeper, which obviously causes a lot of trouble.  In many ways, this story is like WFE with the woman married to a horrible man and the outside male trying to protect her. So, maybe nothing new, but I really liked this book.  Definitely recommend it.

What’s Blooming!

Some plants in the garden really love the heat and humidity.  My mums exploded even bigger.


These are going to look amazing when they bloom.  It’s about time to buy some more. They are now in stock at nurseries.  I’m thinking of putting them in my tippy pots.

My hyrdrangea back there needed some propping up.


I think I might cage it next spring to help it stay higher.

In the spring, none of my agastache came back. However, I did notice little volunteers and I decided to let those grow.  I have a big clump of them now:


That looks like one plant, but it’s a bunch.  I will separate them out when it’s cooler and plant them around the back and here in the front.  This is a cool bloom color, too.


The last of the lilies are open now. They were nice this year.  Very tall, too. Probably 4 feet!


They need stronger staking next year, mental note to myself.

The gourds are coming along nicely. Check out this vine, though!


I keep winding it around because I don’t want it to get tangled in my other plants or go onto the front stoop.


Isn’t it funny that the vine is strong enough to hold this up against the house?  I don’t know how big these will get. I imagine not much bigger than this because I know I only had small gourds last fall.

As fall approaches, the sedums start to bloom. This is firecracker:


I’m also surprised at how long my foxgloves are blooming. I kind of thought they would be done by now, although the stems are very droopy. The bees love them.


I know I posted the passion flower earlier in the week, but it deserves sharing again. I have the vine twining up by the garage.


Fastened with green floral ties!  Classy, I know.


I just love these. I think this is the bloom of the summer for sure. There is also a red one, which I might get next year.  I am thinking about bringing this pot in for the winter and seeing if I can baby it to live another year.

In the back, my baby Joe Pye Weed is opening up.


The ‘wild’ Joe Pye Weed is really tall, like 6 feet tall, so that doesn’t work in my garden. However, they have come out with a Baby Joe which is about 3 feet. I was happy to find that at my local nursery.   I also have empty space there that needs plants.  Gee, the hardship of shopping for plants! At least I got some mulch down so I don’t have to weed it!


Joe Pye is a butterfly magnet. We actually had a swallowtail today in the garden!

One last shot of the Black-Eyed Susans downtown.


En masse planting!

Spiralized patty pan squash

The temps here have cooled a bit and it seems a little less humid. Or it did until today when it rained. I was up just before the sun this morning and checked the weather. I noted rain on its way and I really wanted to get in a ride. So, I decided to go out then and there before breakfast and see how much I could get in.  For safety, I have a blinking light on the back of the bike, but it wasn’t really dark. No sun, though.


This picture was taken just after I got home. I did 8 miles, which is about all I want to do before breakfast anyway. Right after I took this picture, it started raining!  Talk about good timing.

I’ve been a bachelorette for the  last couple days and keeping busy. I have the last few batches of soap to make. Then cutting them all:


Here is a new soap in the mold. This is Rosemary Lemon.


It has rosemary and litsea essential oils. Litsea is the lemon scent. Then I added finely ground rosemary.  We’ll see how this sells at the show next month to see if I keep it.

Now to the title of the post. Being the bachelorette and lots of stuff to do, I’m needing quick and easy meals. I would love to do lots of cooking, but not right now. Anyway, I bought those patty pan squash at the market and I wondered if I could spiralize one.  I chose the least flat one.


I cut off the green stem and put it on the spiralizer:


I used the smallest blade, but I’m thinking a bigger one would be fine. This is how it came out.


Towards the end, the spirals started to become tiny pieces, which you can see on the right. It almost looked like vermicelli! I don’t know if you have had patty pan, but it has a light slightly sweet flavor and actually is good raw.  If I wanted to cook this, I would put it in the microwave for a minute or so. However, I had other plans.


I got suckered into another one of these. No more LOL. I actually didn’t care for this one so much. However, it is fast. Only 5 minutes and dinner was ready.  I added the spiraled patty pan to this to bulk it up and let the heat of the pasta and broccoli warm up the squash:


That was actually a good way to do it. The squash didn’t get soggy like it can if you cook it in water and it had just a little firm crunch to it.  Look at that, 2 veggies in one dish!

I have to show you this picture of a new flower. I didn’t want to wait until Friday’s blooming posts because it is just that cool.  This is a passion flower.



Isn’t that amazing? The blooms don’t last very long, but they are stunning. It’s an annual climbing plant. For a long time, I didn’t think it was going to do anything, but it must have loved the heat and humidity because boom – flowers.

Farmer’s Market

I don’t want to complain about the heat considering how cold our winters get, but goodness! Actually, it’s the humidity that’s getting to me rather than the heat.  We just aren’t used to such prolonged humid spells.

Since we have radiator heat, we can’t put AC in our house other than window units. We have one in our bedroom, but not the first floor because our house usually doesn’t get that hot with the thick brick/cement walls. However, enough hot days in a row and it gets warm.

The humidity does put a little damper on riding – not to mention the threat of thunderstorms.  Saturday morning rain looked like it was going to come in and I wanted a ride, so we took a 12 mile loop and hit up the farmer’s market.


It was pretty bustling, too, which is good to see.


These are vegan cookies and some are gluten free as well.  They are quite good, so we picked some up to take home.







We actually bought a bunch of stuff and crammed it into our bike bags. Then we rode the mile home. We had yogurt, so we kind of wanted to hurry a bit. There is a cheese and yogurt maker at the market that makes great stuff, so I got a couple yogurt smoothies and John got a big container of yogurt. Here is our haul:


I’m going to be eating patty pans this week! I wonder if they spiralize?? Not pictured are the cookies, but I’ll show you the vegan gluten free oreo:


It’s a bit crumbly, but very good.

Pixie got a new present. We occasionally will take her out on a leash, but she could twist herself out of it and we certainly don’t want her roaming. Those days are long gone for her since her stray days. We’ve had her for 9 years, which I can’t believe.

Anyway, I picked up a harness that would be more comfortable for her and something she can’t slip out of.


And it’s pink LOL! She seems to tolerate it much better.


You can see how fluffy she is by how much her fur compresses. It’s not tight, I promise.

And if you think you’re going to rack up steps taking Pixie out, it’s not going to happen. She creeps around the perimeter of the yard and stands there.


Now she is a monster wanting to go out more, so we have to be very careful to make sure the screen doors are fully closed so she can’t get out.

On Sunday, I did manage to get in 28 miles of biking. It was sweaty, sweaty and icky, but it was morning and there was cloud cover. Have to take the conditions that make the riding possible in weather like this. It was good to get in a longer ride, too.

On the last note, I found a cool feather in the yard:feath8-14

This is from either a downy or hairy woodpecker. We get both regularly in the yard, but this feather was under the tree that the downys like, so I’m going to say it’s one of theirs.  Very pretty, don’t you think?


What’s Blooming!

It’s later in the season now and it was time for a hair cut in the front. My cosmos were out of control. There were as tall as the lily and blocking the view of it. So, I lopped them down about half on both sides of the house.


Now the lily stands out.  Normally I don’t bring cut flowers inside because I like to enjoy them outside, but I harvested flowers from the cosmos that I cut and made a bouquet.


Speaking of the lily – up close and personal.


This is an heirloom type lily and I bought 10 bulbs of white ones to mix in for planting this fall. Already thinking about next year – eek!

The Othello rose has a couple blooms on it.


It’s so pretty, but jeez these blooms are really fleeting. Like a day before they start wilting.

The mums are going to put on a good show this fall. These are 2 of those $1.99 mum pots from the box store that I stuck in the ground.


You just never know what is going to take.  I would have planned the placement a little more carefully had I known they were going to make it through the winter. That is my baby Black Eyed Susan in the back.


At our old house, these were like weeds. Here I can’t seem to get them past one year. Maybe this plant will be different.

Front hydrangea shrub:


All the blooms are at the bottom of the shrub for some reason. They are heavy, too, so the branches get pulled down. I’m still waiting for these to turn pink.

I found one of the culprits that is chewing up my climbing roses:


See that little curled up worm? And if you look closely, you will see a tiny second one. Look at the damage. I don’t like to spray, so I’ve been picking these off as I find them. I have a Garden Safe spray that I will sometimes use on the foliage, but not the flowers.  I may use that here since I have found about 8 worms. Ick.

Now that I have had a full garden season here, I’m deciding which plants I want to move around.  I have decided that the Calycanthus is a little too free flowing for my front gardens:


I could probably prune it to shape, but I like to let most things grow as they will. So this will get moved to the back where I have the button bush and that will come up here.  Aren’t the blooms pretty, though?


It’s been popping out blooms all summer.

Remember how I thought we were growing pumpkins? Now that the fruit is getting larger, it turns out to be a gourd!


John tossed the gourds and the pumpkins out in this bed. There will be a fair number of these, too, if the squirrels don’t get them. How fun!  Kind of wished they were pumpkins for carving, though.

On to the back yard!

We are enjoying the water feature (aka Radiance Falls) very much.


It’s so soothing to hear the water flowing.  Now I want more water features 😀

The butterfly bush finally has blooms on it.


However, it’s really spindly. I think it might need a bit more sun, so I am going to move it a couple feet forward in the garden bed.

Those cardinal flowers I showed the other day? Here is how tall they are:


I guess I didn’t realize they were going to be that tall as the other ones I have are half that size.

Last spring I completely whacked down the hydrangea in the back and it loved that hair cut.


It went from not a green thing on it to this since the spring.  I’m going to try to keep this tree form. This is the border where our garden meets the neighbor’s.

My “giant lavender gem” zinnia:


Lame. No more Ferry Morris seeds. Of course, I know come winter that I will get suckered into getting some kind of seed…

This is a wishbone flower:


It’s an annual and pretty much cleans itself up, like impatiens.  It blooms all summer and is neat and tidy. It’s in a container, which you can’t see.

I’ll be spending some time this weekend deciding which plant I’m going to move where so I’ll be ready in the fall. It’s going to be a muggy weekend here and the weather is up in the air, so not sure how much biking will happen.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday things

Goodness time gets away from me and I’ve been neglecting my part of the internets. Not really a lot exciting happening around here, though.

Lisa asked me if I took my good camera on bike rides.  I do sometimes. It depends a little on where we’re going and if I have room in my bike bag. I did receive a nice case (my link) to be able to protect the camera in my bag for my birthday. This is neoprene and stretches out. I don’t have it on quite snug enough in this shot, but it suited the purpose for riding.case8-11

It’s inexpensive, too.  It’s long enough that I could use my 70-300 lens in it, but that lens won’t fit very well in my bike bag.  At least it beats the bubble wrap I was using before!

On another shopping note — we are gearing up for football season around here. I was bummed the HOF game was canceled. I know it’s just preseason, but we’ve been waiting months! Anyway, I guess I am a sucker for targeted ads on Facebook.  When these came across my screen, I clicked and bought.



It’s actually very cute and I can interchange with any kind of 20 mm snap I want, so it doesn’t have to be just football. I love this.

How about a lazy meal, but kind of fun?  This is one of those Bird’s Eye steamer meals. It’s actually Star Wars.


That’s supposed to be yoda, I think? The package picture seemed more like yoda instead of pasta blobs with ears 🙂   This was okay and fine for a quick dinner, but not sure I would get it again.

On a good note, I am almost at my Ireland goal. Just 1.5 pounds to go.  I’ve been working hard at it this summer, but also being smart.  Daily ride:


This ride took me just under an hour as my average speed was 12.8 mph.  I’ve learned that an hour of exercise is good for weight loss. More than that and I start to get too hungry and will eat back too many calories.  Long ride days, whatever, but the every day is what’s important.

I’ve been back stirring the soap cauldron this week.  I have a show I’m doing in September and it’s a big one – and expensive to get in, so it had better be good.  I am topping off my inventory and adding a couple new soaps.  Since soap has to cure, I have to make it well in advance.

Newly made is Bay Rum and Lime.  Something for the men, even though I hate gender labeling.


Freshly cut and stamped. I still need to clean them up a little bit, but that happens after they harden up.  I’m bringing in more soap to the store in the Shirt Factory this weekend. Lemongrass is the popular one there and they are almost out.

I have some tall plants in the garden this year.  My cardinal flowers in the back are way taller than I expected!  Me for reference.  Last year when I put these in the ground, they were only a few inches tall and stayed that way all season. First year sleeping indeed.


The hummers love these.

Anyone watching Perseid this week?  It’s actually perfect for my type of insomnia, which is falling asleep easily, but waking up a couple hours later. However, I’m not having insomnia right now. Is that irony?  It’s supposed to be clear tonight, so we’re thinking of getting up to watch some.  Maybe I will try to take some pictures, although meteors are harder than moon pictures.  We’ll see if we get up 😀

Lake riding!

It was a good weather weekend here. Saturday was a little too hot and humid for biking, but that gave me a chance to be in the garden and really clean it up as it was starting to get neglected. Got the place ready for company that evening. First chance to show off our new finished water feature, too!

John requested a rum cake for his cake party. Specifically this one.  I would say three words. Make this now.  It’s really, really good!  Of course, my cake didn’t come out of the pan as neatly as the picture on the King Arthur website, but at least it came out in 1 piece!


It’s really an easy recipe. You just need to make sure you have time to let it sit for a day to soak up the rum syrup. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a strong rum taste. Very moist and flavorful.  However, I had a real problem with the fact that there is no frosting on this cake. No frosting! I kept asking John if he wanted a glaze or frosting or something and he said no.  But, he knew I was struggling with the no frosting, so he said I could make something to offer anyone who wanted it with their piece. I made a rum glaze to apply to the cut pieces and I was happy.


The rum cake was a hit. It was a nice night, too.  Our lights are going on the patio:


Sunday was a much better day for biking with lower humidity and temps. We did our usual Sunday breakfast ride of 17 miles and then decided to bike to the lake later for a treat.

Part of the path takes us by a marsh:


I could have used my zoom lens today, but it’s a bit bulky to get in my bike bag.  I would have like a closer shot of the lily pads.


John is waiting patiently here for me to take pictures.


This is that section where they decided to make the path go through some telephone poles. It’s very strange.

The lake was gorgeous today. Just beautiful.


It was also about as crowded as we have seen it. Holy moly!  Do you know how hard it is to get pictures without people in them?   Judicious picture taking and some waiting for a break between people 😀 .


There was a Save the Lake festival going on, which is probably why it was so crowded because locals would be out as well as tourists.

We stopped at Lake George Baking Company for our snacks. I had a black and white cookie!


Plus a big iced coffee.  This shop is about a block off the main drag and they built a little deck off the back to sit at and what a gem that is. Nobody was there and it was shady.


This is going to be one of our go-to spots once tourist season is over. I had to get a closer shot of those petunias, too.








It’s just so pretty.

It was time to head home and get away from all the people!


We ended up with 36 miles for the day, which should help burn off some of that cookie and the rum cake.  I hope  😀

What’s Blooming!

I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t had as much time to spend in the garden. I ended up with phone pictures, but didn’t get my uber camera out there.

It’s time for the smaller second flush of blooms. I got a new rose with my birthday gift certificates a couple months ago. This is another David Austin called Othello.

oth8-5The blooms start reddish pink like this and then darken to violet. So pretty. The blooms don’t last very long, though. Unfortunately, this rose got black spot, so a lot of the leaves fell off. It’s been so hot and humid, which can exacerbate that.

My fair Bianca is also blooming now. This one has a lot of buds on it.


I am hoping to get the Japanese beetles under control. I sprayed the nematodes on the lawn and garden bed to help, but it will be a little while to see if that works.

There was a surprise in my tippy pots. A petunia!


Last year I had petunias in the tippy pots and there must have been some seeds in the soil.

I have million bells in them, which are doing pretty well:


I was hoping they would drape a little more, but maybe that’s going to be it. See that crazy pumpkin vine in the back? It’s like the vine that ate Cleveland!  I hope we get something out of this with all the buds on it.

This is the third of the Cheyenne coneflower. This one is almost swallowed by that cosmos:


More lilies buds open:


I love these. I am going to get some more from John Scheepers.  These are the heirloom varieties.

More delphiniums:


Some flower buds finally appeared on the vines growing up the ash tree:


Now that it’s flowering, it’s easier to identify. It’s a wild cucumber, which is not edible. I really have no idea how it got there, but I guess I can put the finger on squirrels or chipmunks.

I think I’m going to get more of the fern leaf bleeding hearts. These are pretty and have been blooming a lot this summer :


I’m hoping to get some quality time in the garden this weekend. We have John’s birthday gathering going on Saturday night and Sunday looks like ideal biking weather. Have a great weekend!


I made it through to Wednesday!  My work was a bear this week, and it is supposed to be my slow week. Not sure what happened there, but it was bad timing with me watching John’s biz while he is away.  Good thing it was really rainy because I would have had to neglect the garden anyway as I was burning some midnight oil.

I have tried a couple new to me foods lately.  Normally I don’t like to drink shakes and smoothies for meals because I like to chew my food and they never seem to last that long. However, when it is really hot, I just don’t feel like eating much and that is when I drink stuff.

I tried this because it has 15 grams of protein and not a ton of sugar.


It was good, actually! Not too sweet and not too yogurt tangy, if that makes sense. It was heavy enough in texture to be satisfying. I did have to really shake it up as the yogurt was really thick at the top. I might try a chocolate one some time.

You know I like dried fruit for ride boosts, like dates and dried pineapple. We were out of dates and I was going to get some at the grocery store when I saw these coconut date nuggets by the same company. The price was the same as a box of dates, so I picked these up.


These are just ground up dates rolled in coconut. I could probably make them myself, but meh, not this time.  I love these, however! They are very tasty and pack energy punch into each piece. One nugget has about 67 calories (pretty much a whole date). They are pretty rich, so not something I would go overboard and snack on when not riding, which is a good thing.

My drink of choice during the hot weather is seltzer water.  We have a Soda Stream and John did some sort of hack where we can hook up a refillable CO2 canister to it, which is waaaay cheaper than getting the Soda Stream brand ones. Then we use extracts to flavor the water. I don’t like the sweet, so we make unsweetened ones for me — lemon is my favorite, and John will make a stevia one for himself.


I don’t always drink it in stemware, but it classes things up, don’t you think?

After a hard few days of work, it was a treat to walk downtown tonight and partake in Take A Bite.  That’s the sidewalk food sampling thing that happens on Wednesday evenings in July and part of August. This is the first one I’ve gotten to this year. Where the heck does the time go??  It’s just a 20 minute walk to downtown from our house. I know I keep saying it, but I love how close we are to things like this.

Really nice evening. I decided on some pasta that sounded really good. This was tortellini with sauteed chicken, asparagus and roasted peppers in a creamy pesto sauce:


Yum! This was really good. I really like tortellini. This plate was $5, which is the most any dish will be at this event.  Good wife that I am, I also picked up a brownie for John from a place that makes amazing brownies.

Then it was time to sit in the park:


Isn’t this beautiful? Our city park. All of our recent rain has kept the lawns pretty lush around here. They look great for August.

Lots of exercise today. 17 miles of riding this morning and then 3.5 miles of walking (gotta hatch those eggs 😀 ).  Things will get back to a little more normal pace tomorrow, thank goodness. And Thursday is also John’s birthday!