Adirondack Balloon Festival!

It’s that time of year!  I love the balloons. The festival is always so dependent on good weather. Some years there have been no flights, some years all 5 flights happen.

The festival opened on Thursday with a small launch in Crandall Park. We can walk there from our house. It’s about a mile or so, which is great because we don’t have to deal with traffic and parking! Score!  It was a little breezy and we were thinking the balloons weren’t going to go and then they started.




It’s neat to watch the process close up.


We saw one balloon actually get a burn in the canvas as it was inflating. There was a big hole in it, so that balloon couldn’t fly (obviously). Makes me wonder if the crowd didn’t get too close.


Jurassic Journey. I don’t know what that is. I could look up the website, but I’m feeling a little lazy 😀




You really can get close to the balloons at they inflate. It’s amazing how they let you be so close.


You’re not supposed to touch the balloons when they are inflating, but kids tend to want to run up and touch them.


Adults, too, I guess.

I love the colors in this one.


My favorite shot of the day. Perfect placement for this balloon to go directly overhead and we could see straight through to the top.


Isn’t that cool?


I was glad to get a chance to catch them. The balloons didn’t fly on Friday and Thursday was the only other night we could go.


Gorgeous evening all around!

What’s Blooming!

We have had that spell of warm weather, which has really extended the bloom time for the plants.



Even with all the fall leaves around them, they are looking great for late September!

The Enchanted Evening rose has sent up a bunch of buds.


Too bad I will probably miss these when they bloom, but maybe not. Guess we’ll see in a week.

The fall favorite – Autumn Joy Sedum:


My potted million bells just keep going.


The plant is getting a little leggy, but I’ll just leave it as is since it is so late in the season.

Raspberry daquiri agastache:


Please live through the winter little plants!  I don’t want to hope for a lot of snow, but I think the reason all the agastache died was because there was no snow cover to blanket them. Some would be nice.

One last Razzmatazz coneflower.


I thought this plant was a goner early in the season because bunnies chewed it down to nubs, but it survived. It’s been around for about 13 years with me, so I shouldn’t have doubted it.

The foxgloves.  This is the same plant with 2 different colored stalks.


I am letting these all go to seed any hopefully I will have more next year.

The zinnias have been a poppin’!


I made fun of them earlier this year, but they showed me and some are now almost 5 feet tall!


I should have lots of blooms still until we get an overnight frost. My mums haven’t even bloomed yet.

Have a great weekend!

A look into my eye

Our fall temperatures didn’t last too long. Back to the 80s again with humidity. Ick.  I think Ireland might feel like a bit of a shocker with coolness if these temps don’t go down some.

When it was chillier, I made some pumpkin oat bran. Also to start using up open stuff in the fridge 😀oatb9-20

I just cook the canned pumpkin right with the oat bran and whisk in some egg whites. Topped with a bit of butter, dried cranberries and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup (the real stuff).  Definitely seems like a fall breakfast even if the weather isn’t.

I had to get my new iPhone replaced already. I just got it in June but one of the microphones broke in it.  If I took a video with the front facing camera, the sound only came out as static. I was bummed because I recorded a bit of the Divas the other night and it was just static.  It used to work. The weird thing? If I took a video with the rear facing camera, the sound worked.  So after forever on the phone trying to prove it wasn’t software related, I got them to issue me a replacement phone under warranty.  Then I had to spend time backing up and reinstalling on the new phone, but all appears well and good now 😀

Anyway, back to the title of today’s post. Today was eye appointment day.  It was the full shebang, too, with dilation and pictures of my retina. I don’t know if any of you find the human body fascinating, but I do.  John doesn’t LOL.  I have a bit of scar tissue on the back of my retina and today the doctor took comparison pictures to make sure it hasn’t changed since it is close to my macula.  Here is my eye:


Isn’t that a cool picture?  That white stuff is the scar tissue. She said it could have been some infection as a kid or whatever. No way to really tell what created it, but it’s in both eyes.  It doesn’t require anything other than periodic pictures to make sure it isn’t changing.

I had only a bit of vision change in one eye and I do need reading glasses (which I knew anyway and already bought a pair).  Ah, aging…

Jazz at the lake

Every year in September is the jazz festival. It’s for 2 days and 4 groups play each day.  They do a great job with some stellar entertainment and it is free to attend!  Very generous benefactors.  We decided to see a couple of the groups and headed on up by bike.  There was a lot of traffic headed to the outlet mall!


That snakes back aways and the light is behind me here. Good thing we can ride on over this.  It was a beautiful day. Pretty windy, but the temps were nice.


The concerts are held outdoors if the weather cooperates.


Brubeck Brothers:


The crowds were great, too!


After that, it was time for a treat!


One of our favorite places to go in Lake George. Everything is so good there.  I chose a black and white cookie, only the white was caramel!


Guess that makes it a Black and Tan. 😀  John had a napoleon, which I didn’t get a picture of, but really good (and messy).

We then bike down to my parents’ house to feed Boo while they were gone.


“Why you take my picture, lady?”

Then he got some loving:


Then a short 5 miles to home.  Days are getting shorter! Eeek!  Ended up with just about 29 miles on the day:


The other group we wanted to see didn’t play until after dark, so we couldn’t bike back to the lake.  It was weird to go there via car LOL.


This last group was called the Divas and it was an all-women big band group.


Very, very good. It would be really nice if this wasn’t a thing and women jazz players made up half the groups out there as a norm.  Someday.

It was really great to relax this weekend, which I actually did!

What’s Blooming!

I am sooo glad this Friday is finally here. Now for the first day off in 2 weeks. There are fall blooms  a plenty now and the garden is actually a study in white.

I did move my big butterfly bush Tuesday evening and it was not too happy with me.


It’s kind of wilty, even with plenty of water. I hope it makes it. Maybe I should have cut it back a lot. There is plenty of time for the root system to get established, so hopefully it will survive.

Fall aster:


I only have one little aster plant. John likes this flower, so I put one in.

Last gasp of the tippy pots.


I am going to change the tippy pots out to mums. I’m debating doing it this week or waiting until we get back from Ireland so they don’t dry out. I don’t want to ask my folks to water the plants on top of taking care of our house and Pixie.



I got another butterfly bush a month or so ago. Darn sales…  This one is supposed to only get to about 3 feet high, so it will fit in the front better:




In thinking about it, I have had more luck than I realized with seeds this year.  Moonflowers are about as easy as it gets. I just stuck the seeds in the ground and got 9 vines!  Unfortunately, I didn’t trellis them, so they are running along the ground  and up a couple of poles I put up.  I love the buds:


You have to check each day for the blooms to catch them. They only last a day and when the daytime sun hits them, they wilt.


I’m definitely doing these again next year.  Note to self – get trellises.


More plant moving this weekend now that I have a free weekend!  Yay!  Bulb orders should be arriving soon as well, probably while we are gone LOL.

Feeling like fall

The weather sure has turned here this week. The overnight lows have gotten into the upper 40s!  That’s pretty chilly. I’m going to have to bring in my passion flower soon and see if I can get it through the winter.

Time for warm breakfasts:


Oat bran. I cook this with a mashed banana and whisk in egg whites. It’s very filling.

I had to dress a lot warmer for my ride today.  I was out getting my hair cut last night and stopped at Peter Harris (aka Label Shopper) and they had fleece tights for 99 cents. 99 cents!  So I grabbed a pair to wear under my bike shorts:


Riding in style 😀

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon dealing with credit card stuff.  I got a fraud alert text on my phone about a charge for $790 from Apple.  Um… no. This is the only card that I use. I pay it off each month and collect the rewards on it.  So, I logged in (even though I did last night) and sure enough, there were 5 unauthorized charges. Apple, Nordstroms, (laughing as anyone who knows me knows I would never shop at Nordstoms). Plus Uber and Lyft. So, I got the card cancelled and then had to go and change all of my automatic payments to something else.  So freaking annoying and it makes me angry that some jackass is just trying to steal stuff. Ugh.  Obviously somewhere I shopped got hacked.

Anyway, the football picks have started and I lost the first week. Boo. So, John chose his dinner at Cooper’s Cave.  They are a local brewery and ice cream shop. I haven’t had the beer, but the ice cream is yummy!  The restaurant sits right on the bike path about 1/2 mile from our house so we walked down. First time eating food there, too.  I loved the decor:



Malt vinegar on the table:


John had falafel tacos and I cobbled together a meal with sides and soup. I didn’t feel like a big entree. I got the steamed veggies, a slice of cornbread and buffalo chicken soup:


I like Dizzy Chicken’s soup better, but this was quite good.  The veggies were pretty buttery for being steamed, I have to say, but it was a nice big bowl and I ate them all.  We definitely want to come for happy hour some time and try a beer.

It was time to do some harvesting at Radiance Manor. Our decorative gourds:


They are really cute. I left one on the vine still as it was smaller. There are other flowers on the vine, so we might get a couple more before frost if we’re lucky.

Cool night and we are going to relax by the fire pit!

Back to normal

It was nice to get past this weekend. That relieved some stress and now we can concentrate on our vacation coming up!  Woo Hoo!

I was up working at 6 a.m. (thank you insomnia) to start getting stuff caught up at work. Since they still haven’t gotten anyone to help on my account, I had to catch up all that didn’t get done Friday. So annoying, I have to say.  And a cause of stress. However, I did get it caught up and the account is current. Phew.

I was able to spend some time in the garden this evening – the days are getting so short now! I’ve started moving some plants around and cleaning up weeds and deadheading. All that stuff that got neglected for a couple weeks.  We won’t even talk about the master cleaning list!

I was trying to befriend the neighborhood cat who happens to be the culprit eating Pixie’s catnip. She was coming very close and then Pixie started meowing out the window and got the kitty’s attention:


She’s a beauty, but I wish her owners would keep her inside.

I do have to say that I’m worried I might be getting sick. I think I overextended myself a bit. Just a funny feeling. I hardly ever get sick, so I might shake it off. I hope so. Or if not, get it over with so when vacation starts in 2 weeks it will be gone.

We had to shop for groceries last night since I had the car all weekend. Look at what is in stores now!


Nothing like good fresh candy corn.

I had gotten some questions about how well Pixie likes her harness, so I thought I would post a video of her trucking along.

She likes it and we have created a monster. 😀

Now for some Monday Night Football and relaxing!

Just popping in

I am home and pretty tired. The show was long (3 days) and not great.  The nice thing is the same promoter does a show in November and he offered me a half price booth for that show if I wanted it since attendance was lower than expected at this show.  That was nice of him. I might take him up on that for November, although I am not a fan of the 3 day shows. Gotta sleep on that.

Back to work Monday, unfortunately, to catch up on what wasn’t done Friday.  Then I am promising myself some time in the garden 😀

What’s Blooming!

There are things blooming in the garden, but I haven’t been able to get out there much other than to water this week. Thank goodness it rained last night so I didn’t have to go out there.

I just got a couple pictures.



These grew great this year. The right spot and good amended soil. Amazing what that will do LOL!

The butterfly bush:


This is still pretty short. Only about 3 feet high. It was taller last year.  This is going to get moved about 3 feet forward in the garden bed. If I ever get time!!

My 100-pound rose has put up a couple blossoms:


Still going 6 years later despite being moved to a different house!

Next week will be a much better blooming post and I’ll be updating Bloom Crazy as well.

Quick dash by

Just a quickie post to let people know I’m still alive 😀

Just busy. The show I’m doing is this weekend (not the weekend before our vacation).  So, a lot of trying to get the final push done.

I have to show you these cute shopping bags I got:


Aren’t they cute?  I have the handled bag for bigger stuff and this bag for smaller things. They are made from recycled paper – and made in the US.  Nashville Wraps.

This is a picture of  one of my potpourris. I need to get all of them onto the website as well.


Another new soap, too.


It’s patchouli and spearmint. Very interesting combo.  I have a feeling this one will be very popular. Then again, I could be wrong LOL!

On the Pixie front, I bought a pot of catnip for her. I was keeping it outside and away from her since she is such an addict.  Well, recently the neighborhood kitties have been coming and knocking it over and eating it.  So I brought it inside and hid it on top of the fridge.

Apparently not hidden so well. I came home the other day and see this:


You can see how one side of the plant is mowed down. Pixie does not understand the concept of moderation…

Gotta get back to work!