Staying on plan over the weekend.

Well – no car this weekend, so I can’t go anywhere LOL! I could walk to Dunkin Donuts. Maybe for a latte light later or something. If I get stir crazy.

Making a big effort to stay on plan for the weekend. And the week coming up. With Thanksgiving thursday, gotta help myself anyway I can.
I have enough NS dinners and desserts to get me through until my box arrives on Monday. Doing good with my own meals.
Oat bran with blueberries for breakfast. I so love oat bran. It is very filling!
Lunch will be a turkey burger and steamed broccoli.

Last night I tried the Thai noodles in peanut sauce entree from NS. Nope – don’t like it! The tofu had a really funny texture. Of course, I don’t normally eat tofu – so maybe the texture was as it should be LOL! The sauce also had a ton of garlic in it. You know how you taste a sauce, and can tell how bad your breath is going to be?? Good thing DH is out of town LOL! The cat doesn’t care, at least.

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