On track – and snow!

Got our first snowfall today. About an inch of heavy white stuff. Then it turned to sleet. What a great day to stay indoors snuggled under a blanket!

Had the Flame broiled beef patty today. My styrofoam puck that turns into a decent and yummy dinner! I put some worchestershire sauce in the tray before adding the boiling water.
The only thing I don’t like about the burger is that it gets cold very fast, and it isn’t as good that way LOL! Wish it were just a bit thicker to help it stay warm.

Need to pick up a few groceries tomorrow – I do not want to go to the store on the day before Thanksgiving!! Ahhhhh!! Maybe during the day won’t be so bad.

For dessert tonight, I tried the Chocolate crunch bar. Yum!!! It was really, really good! I gave DH a bite, and he really liked it too!

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