weigh in day!

Well, the results from Turkey Day are in. I lost 0.4 pounds! With the big loss of 4.4 pounds last week and the holiday weekend, I was pleased to have a loss.

Only 1.5 pounds until I get into the 170s! Or, *back* into the 170s LOL!

Looking at how well I have been eating as of late. I follow nutrisystem for all but about 3 meals per week. 2 breakfasts and one dinner out each week. I guess that makes me about 85% on plan by paper, but since those meals out are calorie counted for – they don’t hurt my progress.
I still struggle with the dinner. For example, we were out last night (DH’s choice for winning the football picks) – and I just really wanted a fried seafood meal. They had a fried scallop and clam strips dinner, and it just sounded so good! It was a real struggle for me to not give in and get that.
I ended up getting roasted pork tenderloin and gravy with a baked potato (dry). It came with a small cup of applesauce. I portioned out what I needed to fuel my body and it was quite tasty – and I didn’t feel deprived or anything. I am not sure what I would have done if weigh in day wasn’t today. 🙂

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