The weekend

Upon looking back over this week, I am pretty pleased at how I was able to get back on track. I did eat too much on Christmas Eve – but I have no guilt, because I enjoyed every bite. Yum!
Been wearing my pedometer to my rehab house. Just doing work around this 990 square foot house and I walk about 4000 steps!

Going to a winter fest in Albany this weekend. I am going to bring a lunch bar and some string cheese, plus some clementines. I am sure we can find somewhere decent to eat, but you never know.

Went to Applebees for dinner last night. I had the weight watcher teriyaki shrimp and beef dinner. It was really good. 7 points – which means around 350-400 calories for the meal. It fits in pretty well with NS guidelines as well.

My nutrisystem food won’t be here until Wednesday. I have enough lunches – but only have 1 more breakfast and 1 more dinner. Need to be very careful on eating right.

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