Tomorrow is weigh in day!

Been busy, just about finished with my rehab house. Boy – that will burn the calories, I tell you!

Stuck to my plan really well since the beginning of the year.
Todays food:
1% Milk
Orange juice, freshly squeezed 1/4 cup
NS Apple Struedel Scone
Tuna – Lemon Pepper 2oz
NS Chocolate peanut butter bar
1/2 Zone Chocolate Peanut Butter bar
2 clementines
10 grams Cashew nuts, roasted (assume salted)
1 cup Broccoli,
NS Mac and Cheese
Applesauce 1/2 cup
NS Chocolate Peanut butter dessert
Milk skim 1/2 cup with coffee

Totals Cal 1326 Fat grams 36 carbs 181 protein 85

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