Back from trip

Well, got back from a week at the inlaws last night. I stepped on the scale this morning, and it showed a 2.5 pound gain. I think some of that is water weight, so I am going to give the scale a day to adjust before I count it.

I did okay, not great, but not horrible. It was as I feared that there would be the constant desire to eat out. Even though John and I bought groceries, they all wanted to eat out. And they wanted places like BBQ and mexican food. Ugh. I did the best I could, and did put the kibosh on going out for dessert one night. The problem is that it is very hard to find things that 7 people (aged 17 to 60) all want to do that doesn’t involve food.

I found the old me slipping out one day. We all went to a bed and breakfast for the weekend. There was a welcoming reception with champagne and chocolates. I found myself mindlessly eating chocolates for a while. John even commented later about how surprised he was to see me eating so many. That was probably the worst time I had eating. We did eat breakfast in most days, and I had my Nutrisystem food with me for that, and I also brought NS lunch bars – so I ate those and got a side salad when we ate out.

We did a little shopping one day with my mil at a consignment store. I was comfortably pulling size 14 pants and fitting into them all! No size fudging LOL! So – I bought 2 pairs of pants, black jeans and kahkis. Plus a sweater and all for less than $12! I love second hand stores!!

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