The Firm

I got the Firm Transfirmation weight set…. finally! I had ordered it December 26th, and it arrived on the 25th of January. Geez Louise that took forever.
Anyway, I am happy it’s here.

The High Def Sculpt is a nice workout. I added the weights right off the bat, since I work with a lot of heavy stuff. Today was the second time around with that workout.
I did not care for Cardio party. It wasn’t much of a party – really, they were very much automatons. I will to WATP or something else on the recommended cardio days.

I love working out with the weights, though! You can change them up to be as heavy or light as you want. They are very easy to hold. I am curious as to what changes are going to happen after 10 workouts. There is a guarantee that you will see changes after just 10, so I did the measurements!

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