Weigh in day!

Well, I lost 1.8 pounds to put me exactly at 170. I was going to cut off my hair to give myself another ounce to get into the next decade LOL!

I have been struggling the last couple days with food. Not sure if it is PMS or what, but I find myself starting to mindlessly eat. We have some Sun chips and reduced fat potato chips left in the house from the super bowl, so it is tempting to nibble on those. I have just been really hungry. Might be from the Firm workouts. There was an extra workout this week on the Firm calender, and the Cardio Overdrive workout was really intense! Geez, it went so fast – but I got through it without falling over, which was good 🙂

I am getting my next NS order on Monday, I think. I am now going to switch over to every other day with NS foods. A little nervous – but I know I can do it!

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