Measurements and oat fiber

Took measurements after my 10 Firm workouts. I was surprised at the results, seeing as I already worked out everyday before starting the Firm.

I lost 7.5 inches! 2 inches off my waist, 1.5 inches off my hips (yay!!) and inch off my thigh. Really surprised to see reduction there. I do like these workouts, and I have a ways to go before I am up to full speed on them. Definitely keeping those in my rotation.

My experiment to recreate the nutrisystem pancakes

Bisquick heart smart – 1/3 cup cal 140 fat 3 carb 27 protein 3
Oat Fiber – Honeyville cal 0 fat 0 carb 10 protein 0
Protein Powder Puritan Pride cal 28 fat 0 carb 0 protein 6
1% Milk cal 44 fat 1 carb 5 protein 4

Totals 212 4 42 13 + 10 gr of fiber

NS pancakes with milk added
Totals 145 1 34 11 + 12 grams of fiber

So, a little higher in calories, but the other stats look pretty good. They tasted fine. Less sweet than the NS ones, which is good. I don’t like artificial sweeteners. Very dense pancakes, I have to say – I am going to be full for hours!

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