It was a good weekend eating wise. I stayed on plan, just a couple bites of cookie when we were out to coffee yesterday. Under my calories for the day, so that was fine. Those bites were yummy, too!

I really want to see the 160s this week. I really, really want to. I hope that even with the mardi gras dinner we had, and the struggle I had on Thursday don’t keep me from getting there. I have been faithful with exercise and water.

Shoveled a lot today. Ugh! My flip house had an open house today, so I had to go this morning and shovel the driveway. And had to do ours as well, at least part of it. We had gotten a snowblower, but one of the handle knobs came off and got lost in the snow, so it is too difficult to try to steer. Needed to shovel enough to get the car out.

3 hard core Firm workouts the next 3 days. I actually am looking forward to them. I must be crazy.

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