Officially on every other day

Okay, I got my nutrisystem delivery today. Got my 70 pound bear, too! So cute. I set my autoship to 8 weeks. I am now going to do every other day of my own foods, keeping my calories to 1500 or less.

It is taking some real planning to do this, but I am now ready. I really like the new pancakes I make with the Heartsmart, oat fiber and protein powder. They are so filling!

The Firm workouts are also going well. Tomorrow is weigh in day, not sure what to expect, but I have my fingers crossed to reach the 160s. I will feel as though my plateau will really be broken at that point. Even though the plateau really was a couple years ago LOL! I will be past the decade I got stuck in before. Silly, I know – but the 170s are a really mental block for me.

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