Hungry today

Soooo hungry, all day. I have no idea why, either. Today was bagel day for breakfast (every sunday). I ate it so fast because I was so hungry. That did fill me until lunch, then I had a boca burger on a Thomas’ whole grain english muffin, plus a clemetine. I was really hungry 2 hours later, stomach growling hungry. Had a latte (made at home) with a couple clementines, then an hour later my stomach was growling again!! Jeepers.

We went out to dinner tonight, and I ate a little more than I had intended. I had an open faced turkey sandwich, which in itself wasn’t bad. But, it came with mashed potatoes – and I doubt they were made with chicken broth LOL! Tasty, though.

I did my best to add up calories for the day – and it shouldn’t be more than 1700-1800, even with round ups. That is over my max of 1500, but it could have been worse. I felt like I could have eaten all day, although right now I am still full from dinner. No evening snack today.

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