Snow, snow, snow!

Well, it has been snowing all day, and will do so throughout the night. Been flexing my back muscles to get ready for shoveling! We have a snow blower, but my flip house is done by hand, don’t want to drag a snowblower in the car.

Today was my own foods day:

My super pancakes with bisquick heart smart, oat fiber and protein powder topped with blueberries
1% milk

Zone Cinnamon roll bar (jeez I love these!)
1 ounce of roasted chicken breast
2 clementines

1% latte
1 tablespoon of dark chocolate chips (80 calories in those suckers!)

1/3 ounce cashews
1 cup broccoli
2 slices of light wheat bread (70 calories)
3 ounces of chicken breast
1/4 cup of fat free chicken gravy
1/2 cup applesauce

NS almond biscotti. Not my own food, but I have extra desserts – and this one is broken into pieces, so going to eat it.

Weigh in day is tomorrow! Hope it is good!

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