The snow, the snow

You know, I do like snow – I really do. However…. this has just been too much. Thank you global warming.
We got another 8 inches Friday night. The snow blower conked out halfway through doing the driveway, so we had to finish that by hand. Then do the driveway at my flip house. There isn’t anywhere to put the snow!
Here is a picture of the driveway, the side piles are 3 – 4 feet high.

Well, it’s good exercise anyway. Even more so when you have to lift the snow higher to get it on top of those piles!

Pretty good day eating yesterday. It was my own food day, had a treat at Starbucks with my skim latte. They have mini vanilla bean scones. Just perfect for a 3 bite dessert. 130 calories, though – so you could easily eat several if you aren’t careful. Calories for the day came in under 1500.

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