Is it different this time?

On one of the forums there is a thread about what makes this time different as far as weight loss goes. I never responded to that thread, I suppose I am a bit cynical about if it really is different for me. *I’m* different, but I am not doing anything differently. I wonder in 6 months if any of the posters will still be on track and in control. Isn’t that positive thinking???

Over the years, I kept saying “This time is different” or “I don’t ever want to see this weight again”. And would end up failing again. I haven’t said either of those things in the last year. Right now I am motivated, I want to keep this motivated feeling, but it always seems like the fat girl is waiting behind the next bush with her foot out to trip me up. I can see her there waiting, hoping I won’t notice.

Don’t get me wrong, I am feeling positive now – but there is always that little seed of doubt in my mind.

Weigh in day tomorrow!

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