Weigh in day!

Lost 1.2 pounds! Yay!!! Slow and steady wins the race. That’s 83.6 pounds total, for those keeping track.

Wednesday is a designated bagel day, we went to Dunkin Donuts and I wanted to see if they had their new multigrain bagel available. They did and I had one! They are really big, I have to say. 410 calories worth!! And that doesn’t count the cream cheese. Only 10 grams of fat and I think there is 9 grams of fiber?
Half a bagel would certainly be a fine serving, although asking me to just eat half a bagel is like asking someone to give up their car. Not gonna happen. That’s okay, though – calorie counting today and I am at 1350 out of 1500 so I can still have a small evening snack if I need it.

I really can’t wait until the weather clears up so that I can get my bike out. We had a lot of rain last night through today, and coupled with several feet of snow – there is nowhere for the water to go! Ugh. At least it wasn’t more snow, though!!

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