Maybe it is different this time

I was doing that musing last week about whether or not things were different losing weight. I have found absolutely no difficulty in getting back on the focused path after a little side trip on Sunday. No urges to eat other foods, or problems along those lines.

That’s kind of nice LOL!

My foods today
Hannaford 1% Milk
Nature’s Path Organic Hemp Plus Organic Granola Cereal
Fage Total 2%
Zone Perfect Fudge Graham Nutrition Bar
Bumblebee Solid White Albacore Tuna
Clementines, Raw
Hannaford 1% Milk
Espresso Shot
Hannaford Egg Mates
Cashew Nuts
Frozen Broccoli
Hannaford Mild Cheddar Shredded Cheese – Reduced Fat
Nature’s Place Soy Crisps – Cheddar
Calories Consumed: 1,234 • Burned: 337

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