Happy St Patty's Day!

Made a special dinner for St Patty’s day. Did shepherd’s pie, but a healthy version, using ground turkey, very little oil. The mashed potatoes on top were made with chicken broth instead of milk and no butter. I did add one egg yolk to help the potatoes brown under the broiler. Very good – and came in at 300 calories for a good size portion.

Not expecting too much for weight loss this week. I have lost for the last few weeks in a row, and generally I have a stall after that happens. But, who knows?!

Ended up getting extra exercise today, I did Hard Core Fusion from the Firm, then went for a walk downtown. Extra 30 minutes of exercise, guess I could have had a free ice cream cone that they were giving away at Stewarts! (But I passed 🙂 )

My own food today, tomorrow will be a nutrisystem day. If I continue to lose, I might switch over to 3 days a week of NS instead of every other day next month.

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