Happy Monday!

A new week is here, and the end of March! The first quarter of 2008 is gone already. Jeez time goes by so fast!

I did a little small order with NS when they had their clearance sale. It came today, and there was my 80 pound bear! Yay! Very orange – blaze orange. The name on this one is ‘workout bear’. Look at those big arms!! Very appropriate for me, I think!

Today’s menu.

Calorie goal: 1,350 • Consumed: 1,361 • Burned: 365

Food Item
Puritan’s Pride Soy Protein Isolate Powder
Hannaford 1% Milk
Boca Meatless Original Burgers
Nutrisystem Advanced Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes
NutriSystem Nourish Pancakes
Wyman’s Blueberries
Hannaford 1% Milk
Smuckers Chocolate Sundae Syrup, Fat-free
Hannaford 1% Milk
Espresso Shot
Birds Eye Baby Broccoli Florets
NutriSystem Nourish Macaroni & Cheese
Hannaford Unsweetened Applesauce – 4 Oz. Cup
NutriSystem Caramel Crunch Popcorn

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