Tomorrow is weigh in day!

Kind of curious as to what tomorrow will bring on the scale. Guess I have to wait!
I think I discouraged some people lately. For whatever reason, about 6 people have asked either what is my secret or how long it has taken to lose 87 pounds. When I say 4 years of hard work, I don’t think that was the answer expected LOL! Oh well. I am very thankful to be where I am today.

Here is a funny NSV. DH and I were out walking today. A car drove by and a guy leaned out the window and yelled “You guys are too old to be walking”. Keep in mind that we are both 39 LOL! I about died laughing.

I thought this was an NSV because I was fully expecting to hear “you are too *fat* to be walking”

Today’s menu:

Calorie goal: 1,350 • Consumed: 1,312 • Burned: 495

Food Item Servings Cals
Hannaford 1% Milk 1.00 110
Coffee 1.00 2
Puritan’s Pride Soy Protein Isolate Powder 0.16 18
NutriSystem Nourish Pancakes 1.00 120
Wyman’s Blueberries 2.00 60
Hannaford 1% Milk 0.30 33
NutriSystem Nourish Fudge Graham Bar 1.00 210
Morningstar Farms Veggie Breakfast Sausage Patties 1.00 80
Hannaford 1% Milk 1.00 110
Espresso Shot 1.00 9
Clementines 2.00 70
Birds Eye Baby Broccoli Florets 1.00 30
strawberries (raw) 1.00 46
Fisher Whole Cashews 0.30 54
Nutrisystem Advanced Flatbread Pizza 1.00 210
NutriSystem Nourish Cinnamon Swirl Granola Bar 1.00 150

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