Beautiful day!

There are those times when the weather forecaster could not be more wrong! We were supposed to have a dreary, rainy day in the upper 50s. Well, it turned out sunny, gorgeous and about 64 degrees!
Went out for a long walk, and then took the bikes out again. DH rode a different bike, so he was much faster and the workout was better because of it. The walk went by a bakery, and we stopped in. I decided to get a scone, they looked very tasty (and it was!!). Have to guestimate the calories for that.

Tomorrow I am going to the Y with my sister, so today ended up being my higher calorie day, since we went out for bagels today instead.

Today’s Menu:
Calorie goal: 1,500 • Consumed: 1,580 • Burned: 439
Net calories: 1,141

Food Item Servings Cals
Bagel, whole wheat & honey 1.00 289
Cream Cheese, plain, light 1.00 102
2 Oz Skim Milk 1.00 20
Coffee 1.00 2

Morning snack
Scone, Cranberry Orange 1.00 380

Zone Perfect Orange Cranberry Bar 1.00 190
Boca Meatless Original Burgers 1.00 90

Afternoon Snack
Hannaford 1% Milk 1.00 110
Espresso Shot 1.00 9
Honey 0.30 18

Birds Eye Baby Broccoli Florets 1.00 30
Clementines, Raw 2.00 70
Hannaford Egg Mates 2.00 60
Flat Out Multi Grain Wrap 1.00 100

Evening Snack:
Nutrisystem Cheddar Soy Chips

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  1. Vaughanville


    I stumbled upon your blog and have now added it to my feed reader. I just wanted you to know that someone out here is watching and is inspired by your progress.

    Thank you,

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