Weigh in day!

Well – lost 0.4 pounds today. I am exactly 160, didn’t dip into the 150s. If I can’t get there next week…… LOL!
Did a lot of exercise today. Walked to Dunkin Donuts as per usual Wed brekkie. However, they were closed for renovations! So went back home and drove to a different one.

I then did my C25K week 2 Day 3 workout. Phew. My legs were really tired from yesterday’s hills on the bike.

Then did upper body bowflex workout.

DH and I *then* went for a bike ride tonight. Of course – there is an ice cream shop on the bike path, so we stopped there. I had a kiddie size scoop of Pumpkin ice cream and it was delicious! It seemed a big scoop for kiddie size. John got the small size and that was 2 scoops! No wonder America is fat. Anyway, about a 1/2 hour ride or so. I think it was around 6-7 miles. I need to be careful not to over do exercise in an effort to lose more quickly. Bad trap to set for myself.

Today’s menu:

Calorie goal: 1,500 • Consumed: 1,544 • Burned: 548
Net calories: 996

Food Item Servings Cals
Coffee 1.00 2
2 Oz Skim Milk 1.00 20
Dunkin’ Donuts Lite Cream Cheese 1.00 120
Dunkin Donuts Multigrain Bagel 1.00 410

Zone Perfect Fudge Graham Nutrition Bar 1.00 210
StarKist Tuna Creations™ – Zesty Lemon Pepper 1.00 60
Clementines, Raw 2.00 70


Hannaford 1% Milk 1.00 110
Espresso Shot 1.00 9

Birds Eye Baby Broccoli Florets 1.00 30
strawberries (raw) 1.00 46
Fisher Whole Cashews 0.30 54
Smithfield Fresh Pork Self Basting 0.75 143


Perry’s Ice Cream Pumpkin 2.00 260

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