Weigh in is tomorrow

It should be a slam dunk into the 150s this week. Watch I just jinxed myself LOL!

Did my bowflex upper body workout today, and then Hard Core Fusion by the Firm. I can’t believe that I am sort of looking forward to my C25K tomorrow. I must really be going crazy.

I forgot to post about a mini victory for me yesterday. I was at the tax assessor’s office, trying to work on what appears to be an unequal assessment on my flip house. The other homes in the neighborhood are assessed at between $80 and $100 per square foot – mine is assessed at $145 per square foot. Unbelievable. Anyway the assessor basically ignored our paperwork, comps and appraisals and said she would call me back in 2 weeks. I was so frustrated when I got home – I went straight to the dark chocolate chips. Grabbed the bag and then stopped myself. I said “I am *not* going to let that woman make me eat!!”. And I put them away. I’m still pretty irritated with her, though LOL!

Today’s menu
Calorie goal: 1,350 • Consumed: 1,374 • Burned: 433
Net calories: 941
C/P/F ratio: 52/24/24

Yogurt/NS granola/strawberries and honey


Nutrisystem Advanced Fudge Graham bar
2 oz of lemon pepper tuna
2 clementines

1% milk latte

1/3 oz of cashews
Nutrisystem Chicken and Dumplings
1 cup of steamed broccoli
1/2 cup natural applesauce

Nutrisystem Fudge brownie (not bad, needs frosting LOL )
1 tbsp light cool whip

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