It's Monday!

Today seemed really long for some reason. It now feels like Tuesday, and tomorrow should be Wednesday. Every have days like that?

I got up early to get in my cardio. Since I gave blood this afternoon, I wanted to give my body time to recover, and so that I wouldn’t have an excuse *not* to exercise.
The tech missed my vein this time – just like last time. She had to call over a supervisor to fix it. Ouch! My veins are really large, I cannot believe this happened twice in a row.

It’s kind of neat each time I donate, they ask the weight and I realize it is usually about 10 pounds lower than the previous time. It felt really weird saying I was in the 150s, it still does not seem real! I had some Lorna Doones at the snack table. There was a real food pusher there as a volunteer. She wanted me to drink something other than water (not sure why), and kept pushing more cookies at me. Geez. I left fairly quickly, because it was really bothering me.

Today’s Menu:
Calorie goal: 1,500 • Consumed: 1,440 • Burned: 389
Net calories: 1,051
C/P/F ratio: 53/22/25

Nutrisystem granola
Fage yogurt
coffee with milk

Nutrisystem Cheesy Potatoes
Morning star breakfast sausage patty

1% latte
1 four pack of Lorna Doones


Nutrisystem Chicken & Dumplings
roasted broccoli and cauliflower

a few dark chocolate chips
Nutrisystem chocolate crunch bar

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