Jogged for 25 minutes!

Today was C25K Week 6 Day 3. That was one long 25 minute jog. I took it slow and did about 1.5 miles. I could conceivably finish a 5K in under an hour right now 🙂

After the first 1/4 mile, it felt much better. That first start of the jogs just doesn’t feel that great. Sure felt good to be done, though! I will start Week 7 on Thursday or Friday.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I have no idea what to expect. I did go out to dinner last night, and shared some carrot cake. I also did some hard work installing new tile floor and worked on the laminate counter tops at my parent’s house, and my muscles are very sore from that. Probably have some water retention there.

Today’s Menu:

Calorie goal: 1,350 • Consumed: 1,356 • Burned: 286
Net calories: 1,070

C/P/F ratio: 52/23/25

Nutrisystem Apple scone
coffee with milk

Morning Snack:

Grande skim latte

Nutrisystem chocolate peanut butter bar
Morningstar breakfast sausage patty


1% latte

Nutrisystem Flatbread pizza
steamed broccoli

Evening Snack:
Nutrisystem chocolate chip cookie
coffee with skim milk

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