Happy Monday!

Ah, the start of a new week. I really want to make sure I stay focused for the rest of the month. My birthday is June 5th, and I do plan on allowing myself some treats that weekend when we go away.

I did C25K today. Another 25 minute jog. Felt like I was pushing it, but still ended up at about the same pace as Saturday. Going to take a while to get the pace up more, I guess. But – I still jogged 1 3/4 miles without stopping!

Today’s food:
Calorie goal: 1,350 • Consumed: 1,343 • Burned: 381
Net calories: 962
C/P/F ratio: 50/21/29

I was a little high on fat today. I ate some of that yummy, yummy greek yogurt I got at the farmers market on Saturday. Full fat stuff, of course. I only had half cup – it was really good. Added chopped strawberries and a tsp of honey to it. Can’t have this too often, but what a nice treat!

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