Weigh in day!

Weigh in day and I lost 1 pound this week! Less than 20 pounds to get to goal! It’s going slow, but it is still going down.

Still waffling (mmmmmm…. waffles) about whether to drop or raise calories. Maybe I just shouldn’t change at all. I really don’t want to lower my calories with the amount of exercise I do, but it might move the scale faster. Then I need to remind myself that speed is not the goal.
I also wonder if I might lose faster if I feed my body a bit more. I’m just scared to do it LOL!

Today’s stats:

Calorie goal: 1,350 • Consumed: 1,375 • Burned: 210
Net calories: 1,165
C/P/F ratio: 54/22/24

Tomorrow I need to try to get my protein to at least 30%. That’s my goal.

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