Ready for the weekend!

Felt kind of hectic this week, for a short week! Got my investment house rented out, so that is a big relief. As long as they pay the rent, of course LOL!

Upped the weights on some of my bowflex workout today. Upper body. Feeling strong. I could probably push myself harder, but I am pushing the jogging – so I don’t want to burn out, since this is for life.

Today’s stats:

Calorie goal: 1,350 • Consumed: 1,321 • Burned: 365
Net calories: 956
C/P/F ratio: 47/28/25 yay me!!

Doing better at getting my protein up. It’s a little harder, since we aren’t eating much meat anymore, and I don’t like beans. Gotta love the soy LOL!

Gratuitous flower pic from my garden for your enjoyment:

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