Breezy Sunday

Went for a bike ride today, it was into a strong wind – so it felt like going uphill for the whole way! Then of course, the wind changed directions on our way back, so no break there. Whew. 1 hour and 15 minutes. We stopped for frozen yogurt, which was good – although again, I got a kiddie size – and it had to be a cup of ice cream! Jeez.

Went over on calories today, but that happens sometimes. I need to be careful this week, with going out to dinner for my birthday coming up.

We are slowly changing our way of eating. We are not buying any more meat unless it is locally grown and butchered. And eating more vegetarian. So, we did buy meat at the farmers market yesterday. Beefalo. Interesting stuff! These farmers have been raising beefalo for 20 years. It was quite good on the grill. Very lean, and lots of protein.

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