Fabulous weekend

Had a great weekend. We went up to Burlington VT. Took our bikes in the car and decided to stay a little outside of Burlington and bike there on Saturday.
We got there Friday night and walked around downtown, listened to some music (jazz festival weekend) and had dinner in the park.

On Saturday, we got the bikes out and biked to breakfast (bagel), and then decided to run the path along the lake before it got too hot. We biked along the lakefront up to the Winooski river bridge. The whole day we covered at least 20 miles.
After the morning ride, we rode back to downtown and walked for a lot of miles. It was probably at least 5 during the day. We did shopping, a museum, and just walking around. Had lunch at the farmers market. Wonderful samosas from a vendor. I just got 2, they were small.
Dinner was at a small cafe, and I had a turkey sandwich with cheese. It was a pretty big sandwich on crusty bread.
Got back to the inn, and just crashed. I was so tired! My legs were really rubbery at that point. Took a dip in the pool, which was really cold (polar bear club anyone??), but refreshing.

Today, we biked to breakfast, then loaded up and drove to Waterbury. Went to the Green Mountain cafe and had a cappuccino (skim, of course), then we went to the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour. That was short and nice, with a sample of ice cream at the end. We didn’t end up getting anything at the scoop shop.
Stopped for lunch in a little town on the way home. One of those places where what you order sounds healthy, but isn’t really in reality. A little greasy, but quite good.

Glad to be back home, and I have no idea what the results of this weekend will be on the scale, but I am not concerned if there is a gain. I know I was over on calories. Hope the biking will smooth things out a bit.

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