Thoughts on loose skin

I get asked a lot of questions about whether I have loose skin after losing almost 100 pounds.
Yes, I do have some. And I will probably have more, but I don’t know what is going to tighten up or not. It is most obvious on my upper arms, and my upper thighs. You don’t notice it unless I am in a bathing suit, or wear a sleeveless shirt (which I normally don’t anyway because I am very fair skinned).
I wasn’t born with the genetics to have nice tight skin. And nothing you do will change that. No creams, no workouts, not guzzling water til the cows come home. Nothing can change your genetics. Strength training will help the skin ‘drape’ better over the muscles and have a better appearance – but won’t actually do anything to the skin itself.

Does it bother me? Sometimes. There are days where I am just thrilled with the changes in my body. Other days, the skin is a bit depressing – because I know my biceps are buff, but the extra skin doesn’t let them shine, so to speak.

So many people panic about the loose skin before they even begin a weight loss journey. I don’t understand that. First, you might have the good genetics and a little luck on your side. And second, do you honestly want to be fat?? I mean, really – would the thought of some loose skin be the reason you want to stay obese? Hardly anyone can see the loose skin. Everyone and their neighbor sees the fat.

Today’s stats:

Calorie goal: 1,400 • Consumed: 1,318 • Burned: 213
Net calories: 1,105
C/P/F ratio: 53/24/23

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on loose skin

  1. debbyweighsin

    What a great comment, Lori. I am a bit like you–wasn’t born with the genetics to have tight skin. same as you, some days I feel sad, because I can feel my muscles and no one can see them. But most days I am pretty darned happy with how good I look in clothes–and that leads to your last great line–Hardly anyone can see the loose skin. Everyone and their neighbor sees the fat.” what a great line. I will be quoting you!

  2. Karen

    Girl you look GR8. Keep up the hard work and stay focused. You are an inspiration to everyone who reads your blog!

    Karen H.
    Customer Service Rep

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