Interesting movie today.

Watched “Maxed Out” – a documentary about consumer debt. This was a really good movie, made me mad, and made me think. Good combo….. or a scary combo – not sure which LOL!

The construction crew was out in front of our house at 6:30am with big machinery. Guess who was up early because of that?? So – by 6:45, I was out the door and on my way to jog. May as well get the cardio out of the way early. Did 2.25 miles in about 37 minutes. I’m beginning to wonder if this track is larger than a normal track. It goes around a football field, but there is a fence around the field, and the track is around *that*. Unless I drive a car around it, probably won’t know for sure. I might be jogging more distance than I thought.
Need to get to a measured track to find out for sure. Might have to con my sister into a guest pass for the Y again 🙂

I’m still finding it hard to believe I am jogging in the miles now. Not just for 1 minute at a time. Pretty cool. Not sure I really enjoy it, though.

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2 thoughts on “Interesting movie today.

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