Sunday bike ride

Had a nice long bike ride today. About 15 miles. We stopped at the ice cream shop and I had some Only8 frozen yogurt that I love so much. How is this for anal – I brought a scale to weigh the serving, so that I could calculate it correctly LOL! I knew it was much more than 2 servings, and it turned out to be just shy of 5. Still only 175 calories for all of that! Geez, I love that stuff!

I have to say, my legs are so strong now. I bike at a pretty rapid clip consistently, but it doesn’t feel hard. We kept passing people, and I asked my husband if I was going fast, or people were dawdling. He said that I was keeping up a pretty good pace. I think the running has also helped my legs get stronger. I will likely have stocky looking thighs, being a shorty – but if they are muscular – I don’t care!

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