Ah, the beginning of the week

Mondays are always fun, aren’t they? It is always the busiest day for me, so the rest of the week is usually cake.

I decided to run this morning (normally I like evening runs), since I was going to be tying up loose ends at my investment property before my new tenants move in at the end of the week. Well, I went to the high school track, and they had big equipment on the track, since the football field was being torn up. I did one loop around, and they started moving equipment around and I didn’t want to get hit! The one main road is torn up, so I went around some side streets and hit even more construction. It was really annoying, I have to say. I did about 2.3 miles today.
Then my lower body bowflex workout.

I also rode my bike to my investment property – 2 miles each way (maybe a shade more). That’s enough for today, I think!

Ate well.

Today’s stats:

Calorie goal: 1,400 • Consumed: 1,468 • Burned: 472
Net calories: 996
C/P/F ratio: 53/23/24

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