It's Friday!

Yay!! The weekend is here!! I so look forward to the long bike rides with DH, and we are going to the farmer’s market tomorrow. Love that.

Doing really well on plan. I am surprised because my new tenants are driving me nuts and they just moved in! Constantly calling with questions like “How big are the windows?”. Well, gee – why don’t you measure them???
Or, this one today “I need to hide the anniversary cake from my husband, can we store it in your fridge for the weekend?”. No, not a good idea. I don’t think they get it. I am their landlord, not their friend. It has to be a business relationship, and that is it. They are nice and all – but it just has to be that way. Don’t want to open up any doors that would lead to them trying to take advantage of me. Sigh…. only 2 years to go LOL! Not gonna make me eat, though!

Today I jogged 2.5 miles in 37 minutes. Getting pretty consistent at that. Also walked a mile later, and then a short bike ride. Plus did upper body bowflex. My legs are tired.

Today’s stats:
Calorie goal: 1,400 • Consumed: 1,435 • Burned: 498
Net calories: 937
C/P/F ratio: 49/26/25 (yay me!!)

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