Long bike ride!!

Okay, today DH and I decided to go for a long bike ride. We wanted to bike to Lake George from our house on the bike trail. Round trip it was a little over 30 miles!!
There were some intense hills in the middle of the trip. I wasn’t sure I would make it up all the hills, but I did. Had to rest a couple times.

The lake was beautiful today. Breezy, not too hot. We had lunch looking over the lake, then walked around for awhile. There was a craft show going on, so that was kind of fun! Would have bought stuff, but we only had the back pack.

Stopped at my favorite ice cream shop on the way home to get my Only 8 frozen yogurt. Yay!! Then it started to sprinkle, and we were about 6 miles from home. Too tired to really speed home, and about 1 mile from home, the skies opened up and poured on us. Yuck! Was soaked through when we got home, and my shoes are going to take days to dry out!

Overall, pretty fun. Not sure what my thighs will feel like tomorrow. So, did 3 hours of biking. I used ‘moderate’ as the activity level (even though it was pretty intense for a lot of it). And it said I burned 1600 calories! Even if I am very conservative with that, I think 1000 is pretty close.

Might take a day off of cardio tomorrow šŸ™‚

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