Wanting to eat today.

Boy, do I want to eat today. I don’t know why, just having some intense cravings today. Especially for salty stuff. Not giving in, though. I am at calories for the day. We have Garden Salsa Sunchips in the house, which are a bit of a red light food for me. Particularly when I am wanting to eat!!

My legs are pretty sore today after yesterday’s run. So, took it easy on the workouts today. Did upper body bowflex and then I was going to ride my bike to my rental house. I did ride it there, about a 10-15 minute ride. Then it starts pouring out of nowhere. So, John came and picked me up. Might do some pilates later.

Maybe the hunger has something to do with all the exercise lately, I don’t know. 30 mile bike ride Sat, and 3.25 mile jog last night. Weigh in is tomorrow, and I am expecting a maintain or gain from water weight. Gotta start the month off slow!! LOL.

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