Almost the holiday!

Boy, today sure feels like Friday! Got up early and went out for a jog this morning. Construction makes for a great wake up call….gggrrrr…..
I went 3.25 miles again. The jog felt tired and stiff, not sure if it was because of donating blood yesterday, or the early hour. Or both! LOL!
Who would have ever thought I would be running 3 miles! Certainly not me!

Got back on food track today after the ice cream mishap from last night. I am amazed at how easy it is to get back on track, without it turning into a multi-day binge or full blown relapse. There are those days where I feel my hold on control is tenuous at best, and those days where I have the iron grip. Got the iron grip back today.

Still waiting for my tax refund check to get here. It was supposed to go out at the end of June, and no show yet. I really need some clothes!! Might just have to go get them early and pay myself back. I know I am going to shop for size 12s — yippeee!!! I might get a pair of 10s as a motivation pair of jeans. I’d love to fit into those by August.

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One thought on “Almost the holiday!

  1. Sunny Days

    Hi, I just ran across your blog…I am soooo inspired! You look great!! I will be back to read more when I have more time. love your pictures, I just posted my first one today.

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