Another 5K

Today I did a virtual 5K – where a bunch of us (100) all ran a 5K on our own this weekend. My sister joined me – and here we are in the final couple of laps around the track:

DH had walked down to the bakery down the street and had cranberry orange scones fresh from the oven waiting for us! All I could think about was scones for the last 3/4 mile LOL! The jog burned off all of those calories. HRM says I burn 400 calories jogging for 51 minutes (3.23 miles). The time was a bit longer than usual, since my sister was with me and she has only done a 5K once before – so went a bit slower. It was fun having someone to jog with, I have to say. I could actually talk – which was surprising.
Other than the scone, food was pretty good today. We made a good dinner that was a lower fat version of a chili cheese dog.
One Smart Ones veggie link (the big kind), 1/4 cup of Hormel chili with no beans, wheat hot dog bun and a sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar on top. It was super filling, and only about 250 calories for the whole thing! I would never eat a chili cheese dog in ‘real life’, but I would have this version again!

In our efforts to not eat corporate meat, we got some new products at the grocery store. (We were going to get local meat at the farmer’s market today – but by the time I finished the run, it was too late to get there). So, we got the Smart dogs, and a new veggie burger. I was disappointed that the local stores seem to have stopped carrying my Boca Flame grilled patty that I love. I don’t know why. 2 different stores stopped carrying them. Also – some TVP, I don’t know why, though LOL!

Interesting tidbit: We went to fireworks last night, and there were food vendors there. I did not have anything. DH walked over to see what they had, came back empty handed. He said he stood there, looked around and it seemed to him that 90% of the people were overweight standing in long lines for greasy food.

C/P/F ratio:

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