nutrition for jogging and exercise thoughts

I was googling some information on calorie distribution for runners. Since I am running about 10 miles a week, which is a good amount – but certainly not elite LOL.
I came across this article, which says a good ratio is 50/25/25, about what I am trying to follow! That is good to know.

Funny how the jogging I have been doing has changed my outlook on exercise again. I feel more like an athlete now than ever before. Even though I strength train and do other cardio. Plus all the biking. Not totally sure if it is just the summer outdoor exercise, or just that I really am fit now!

Those people who can move, should move. I really don’t understand why people take for granted the gift of movement. There are those who have physical impairments who would just love to move the way others do.
I don’t care if you think you don’t like exercise, there has to be at least one activity you enjoy. Try different things until you find your ‘fit’. You cannot be successful at losing weight and keeping it off without some form of physical activity. I know you can get to goal without exercise, but you will be so much happier with how your body looks when you exercise. Plus it lets you eat more!!

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