That little voice

You know that little voice that is always there? The one who says “Take a day off from exercise, you work so hard”, or “One cookie won’t make you gain weight”. Why is that voice so strong? It doesn’t speak very loudly, it seems very sly. Like the little devil on your shoulder.

That voice has been trying to sneak up on me more lately.

I try to think of that voice as a muscle, and the reason it is so strong is that we give in to it so many times! The more you listen to the little voice, the stronger it gets. We need to flex the “I’m doing it for me” muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it will get and over power the sabotage one.

Did pretty well today. It’s hot here, so I did take it easy on the exercise, kind of. I did a full body bowflex workout, and then the express version of Cardio Overdrive. Tomorrow is weigh in day. Not sure if this heat and humidity will make me gain or if I will lose. Let’s hope a loss!

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