Size 12???

Went shopping for new bike shorts today. My other ones are too loose, and they keep creeping down my legs when I jog. Not the most comfortable of feelings. So – I just went into Sears for the heck of it. My plan was to go to Dick’s sporting goods, because I was sure they would have bike shorts (although probably expensive).

Anyway, lo and behold – Sears had athletic wear on sale! And there were bike shorts! I tried on both a large and a medium. They both fit, but the mediums were really short – they almost felt like booty shorts LOL! So I got the large and what a difference in how they fit compared to my old ones! The bonus part – they were only $10! Yay!

I also decided to grab a pair of size 12 jeans (Levis) to see if they would fit. Well, they fit very easily and had a huge gap at the waist! I really wonder if I could possibly fit into a 10???? Will have to find out at Good Will, once my stimulus check gets here. Payment was expected to be by July 11th, and nothing in the mail today…. sigh…

My last NS delivery arrived today. At least the last of the autoship deliveries. I still have a couple coupons to use, so will get some ala carte items at a later date. Nutrisystem is going to be offering frozen meals, I guess kind of like Jenny Craig. Pretty interesting.

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