A little self-conscious today

Okay, maybe a lot self-conscious. In the photo a couple posts down – those are my new bike shorts. They are shorter than my old pair, and a bit tighter. I wear bike shorts while jogging to help with the ‘jiggle’ of loose skin.

Well, wore the bike shorts for the first time jogging (that exact outfit below is what I wear). I really felt a lot of jiggle tonight, which actually wouldn’t have bothered me, except for the 2 men that were standing on the track and yakking. They watched me go around, too – and I was really trying not to let it bother me, but it did. I just felt so blobby. And the shorts rode up a little bit for the first couple of laps, so might as well have been wearing a bathing suit while jogging! Got those straightened out, after the men left LOL. I really wish it didn’t bother me.

Funny, but another couple who walks around the track came by as I was in my final couple laps. I said ‘hi’ to them and continued jogging. It didn’t bother me near as much having them walk behind me as it did to have 2 unknown men watch me. I can’t figure out why.

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2 thoughts on “A little self-conscious today

  1. Farseashore

    Just wanted to say that you look great & it’s a good picture. I noticed it on 3FC. 🙂

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