Rainy Sunday

Not too much exercise done today. We were going to bike, but it has been pretty rainy off and on.
Did go shopping, though – so got some walking in. We got on the street and I started trucking along. John grabbed my arm and said “Let’s stroll and relax” LOL! Guess I am always just go-go-go!

Been wanting some sweet stuff today. I need to figure out why that craving has hit, if there was anything that could have triggered that. I had a cookie with my skim milk latte (that cancels it out, right??), which normally I don’t do. Most times I have a couple bites of whatever John has, and that is enough for me.

This is tough. This weight loss thing. Knowing how disciplined I have to be forever. I think 90% on plan is a good goal, as long as that 10% isn’t crazy. That is about what I have been doing, and it seems to work.

I have been looking at BMR calculations and most sites seem to say that I could lose well eating 1700 calories per day. I don’t get that. My body must be totally whacked, because I cannot lose at that amount, even with all the exercise I do. Why are those calculators so wrong?? Even if I ate at a sedentary level, that is still more calories than I consume now at 1400.

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