The right diet plan

I really don’t understand the almost religious fervor people have towards their eating plans. Like theirs is the one true plan that will work, and you are a fool to follow something different. Whether it is Atkins, WW, Nutrisystem, Fat Smash or whatever the plan de jour is.

Why is that what I am doing is so much less of a way of life than another plan? And vice versa. In the last 100 years of the study of dieting, you would think that if there was one specific, fool-proof way to lose weight, it would have been found by now. There is nothing that hasn’t been tried many times over the last century. Low carb (called Banting), low calorie, low fat, chewing food 100 times, etc. It’s all been done before. All of it. Plans come full circle and yet still we are overweight.

It’s really individual. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. The human body is an amazing thing, with so many possibilities for what can work or not. If you are able to stick to your plan, get to goal, stay there and eat the way you do for life – that is your plan. Doesn’t mean it’s mine, doesn’t make your plan any better than mine. Doesn’t make my plan better than yours.

I guess my point here is to never give up. If a plan isn’t working for you, you are not a failure. Just try something different until you find your fit.

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