This week has been so incredibly busy. I am so tired, but I have been making sure that I get in my exercise every day. No excuses. So, 12 hours later and I’m done with my jog after working all day.

I didn’t do the bowflex, just too tired, so will bump those out by a day. I snuck in the jog tonight and got in 3 miles and made my way home. The skies were really dark while I was running. I kept saying “One more lap and you can go if it rains”. But, I did 12 laps and jogged part of the way home. 5 minutes after I got home it started pouring! Lucky me.

Doing the Silk & Satin 5K run this weekend. My first official run! I am kind of nervous, isn’t that funny?

Less than a week left in July, the scale has not been kind – a net loss of one pound so far. My goal was to do 13 three mile runs this month, and I should make that. I have done 10 so far. So hopefully I will see some loss in inches to make up for the scale.

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