Well, I have been checking the scale each day, and I think I might be going into a plateau. My weight at the beginning of July was 148.8 and today it is 148.

I do believe there will be some inches lost, so maybe this won’t be a true plateau like I had a couple years ago. I am concerned though, because the last time after months and months of plateauing I just gave up and gained back 30 pounds.

I really need to sit down and make sure that I am not sneaking in stuff that I shouldn’t be, or eating more on those days that I do harder exercise. Maybe I need to knock off the weekly frozen yogurt? Is it the running 3.25 miles 3x per week along with my other cardio? Do I need to eat more or less? Or do I just need to quit worrying about it?

I jinxed myself when I said 3-4 months to goal LOL!

Tomorrow is the big race day! The race starts at 8am, and we need to be done with registration by 7:30. So, going to bed early tonight. I hope to get there by 7. I registered for this race on May 8th, and I can’t believe a: that the day is finally here and b: that I am actually running a 5K!! I still can’t get over it.

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