Not a good eating day

Yesterday I overworked it. After the 5K, we ended up riding bikes (DH wanted to go). So we rode for 1.5 hours. My legs were soooooooooo tired last night, and so was I!
Slept like a log.

So today, I ended up eating lunch out and had some onion rings, and some chips with my sandwich. Not the most on plan lunch. I am not used to this type of food and really don’t want any dinner tonight. Probably just something light, or some fruit.

If I gain this week, at least I can’t blame it on being on a plateau!

I do have some news toys to play with: free weights! My parents are moving up here, and brought up the free weights and a somewhat rickety bench up here, since they were going to get rid of them. This way I can do some exercises that I can’t do on the bowflex. I probably won’t use that bench, but the weights I am really excited about! I am working on a new routine at

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3 thoughts on “Not a good eating day

  1. Jim

    i have lots of free weights and a cheap imitation of a Bowflex. Unfortunatly, they are all gathering dust. I need to step away from the computer and start exercising.


  2. snapless

    I have free weights too but they sit in my closet šŸ˜® . I wind up doing no-weight exercises when I work out at home, like yoga, crunches, lunges, squats, etc.

    Don’t let one meal of eating off plan get you down, happens to the best of us. And based on your history you know that, miss radiance :).

  3. debbyweighsin

    Hi Lori, Thanks for coming over to my blog! Earlier today I discovered your blog, and bookmarked it, but was too tired to even leave you a comment. I really like your blog, and your thought processes. Congrats on changing your life!

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