Ate clean today!

Well, I ate totally clean today. For some reason, that phrase makes DH laugh. I actually got in a good amount of protein today:
Carbs 165, 24 grams of fiber, 43 g of fat, 110 g protein. 1417 calories.

The oopsie rolls were interesting, I have to say. Kind of like a croissant/souffle cross. They didn’t taste egg-y, which I thought they might. Sliced one in half and had a tuna sandwich with it. It was good, although fragile. I think overnight in the fridge will help them hold up better. There are tons of possibilities for these, so they are definitely in my repertoire now! They would be great for french toast, or to layer in a dessert parfait type of thing, or sprinkled with cheese before baking, etc.

I decreased my time running today. Got 3 miles down to 39 minutes and 30 seconds. Broke the 40 minute mark! I am just going to plug away at decreasing time by keeping my heart rate at 155 or above. My theory is that in doing so I will have to keep pushing the pace the more adapted I am to running, which should therefore reduce my time. If I had a treadmill, I would just increase the speed on that and force it, but alas, I don’t own one 🙂

About 2 more days of super hectic-ness and things might get back to some sense of normalcy.

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